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OMsignal Smart Shirt kit

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  • Ontworpen in Montreal
  • Gemaakt in Sri Lanka)
  • Exclusive of trimming
  • 70% Polyester
  • 21% Nylon
  • 9% Spandex


  • Wasmachine: koud
  • Niet strijken of stomen

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Functies OMsignal

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OM Smart Shirt

  • Smart Textile: Conductive yarn and quick dry fabric ensures accurate readings no matter how much you move or sweat.
  • Compression Fit: Activates blood circulation, enhances performance and helps muscles recover faster.
  • Improved Comfort: Our new design adopts your body‘s shape and stretches with you like a skin. Different thread patterns provide ease of movement, comfort and breathability.
  • Moisture management: Features climate control and moisture-wicking performance to keep you cool.
  • Machine washable: Treat your OM Smart Shirt like any other high performance shirt.

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OM Smart Box

  • Workout proof: Its light, sturdy, waterproof shell can handle any kind of workout.
  • Precision: 5 connectors ensure more accurate data readings.
  • Data storage: Stores your data for up to 30 hours for future viewing or streams it live to your mobile app so you can follow your progress in real time
  • Marathon battery life: Power through 10 workouts or 1 day of continuous use before recharging.

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OM Smart App

Sleek, easy to use interface.

  • Heart Rate: As well as seeing your live heart rate during exercise, measure your Resting Heart Rate, Peak Heart Rate, Heart Rate Recovery Time and more to instantly gauge your progress.
  • Breathing Rate: Seeing your breaths per minute in real time you’ll be more aware of breathing slower giving you more energy to push yourself further every time.
  • Push Score: Measures how hard you‘re pushing yourself during strength-training-based exercises.
  • Steps: See the total number of steps taken during a workout or during a whole day.
  • Calorie Count: Measures calories burnt and displays past readings to track the difference every time you workout.
  • Past Readings: Detailed post workout data helps you stay on top of your progress goals and personal bests.
  • Heart Rate Zones: Know what heart rate zone you‘re training in to achieve your fitness goals quicker.

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